Apr 17, 2013

My regrets~

Thinking back on my 4 years in UTAR, I've realised what a jerk I've been.

I've lost my temper on many of my friends whom I hold dear. Constantly losing my patience and venting my frustrations on wonderful friends that have always been quick to accept my apology and forgive me for being an ass-clown.

My temperament has also got me into arguments with the two person I've known since the very first class we had together and treat as brothers. However, at times, these brief periods of cold war has led me to the point where I am no longer able to see myself as a brother. 

I've offended ppl without even trying... some have experienced it not for the first time. At times I do wonder why is it always me that triggers off these things. Why is it always me that blabs these stupid words.

Lastly, being a jerk for getting into a r'ship too soon. I felt that I've provided only emotional scars in that period of almost 2 years. I wasn't mature enough. If given a chance to do things all over again, we most probably will still be separated, but there are some parts where I wish i could've changed.

I've decided not to include any names as I doubt anyone still reads these ancient blog, those who do will probably know who they are when they see it. At times, it really is difficult to look at them eye to eye and pretend nothing happened after all the shit that I've said. 

Regardless of what has happened, I will always treasure the wonderful memories behind all these stupid moments.